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Jaycie Phelps was born on September 26, 1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her parents are Jack and Cheryl Phelps and that is how Jaycie got her name. She began gymnastics in 1983 and worked all the way up to Olympic Gold.

At the age of four Jaycie started gymnastics at a nearby gym and it came easily to her. "One coach though I was talented, "she remembers. Jaycie started doing gymnastics once a week then built up to two times and even more after that.

In 1991 Jaycie's talented had progressed to where she couldn't learn more in Greenfield, Indiana where her hometown is. So she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. She began to train at the Desert Devils gym. The only problem was that Jaycie wasn't progressing in this gym. In 1993 Jaycie wanted to quit for good. At the 1993 Junior USA Championships Jaycie placed a dissapointing 24th as a junior.

After that she wanted to quit but her parents said to give it one more chance. They found a new gym; Cincinatti Gymnastics Academy. She was soon being coached by Mary Lee Tracy. She lived with the Lichey family while her family was getting organized back in Greenfield. Jaycie felt homesick and got her mom to come live with her in an apartment in Cincinatti.

Once Jaycie started at her new gym she gained self-esteem and was very sweet and loved the sport. Soon Jaycie competed at the 1994 Team World Championships on Dortmund, Germany. She went from 24th as a junior to 15th in the world senior division. That was in one year's work.

Jaycie kept working and soon at the 1995 Nationals came in third. At the 1996 Nationals Jaycie was first through the whole competition but lost by a few tenths and came in second behind Shannon Miller. She then went to the 1996 Olympic Trials and finished third. Then the time came. The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. In the compulseries Jaycie fell on the beam but bounced back in the optionals. She then won a team gold medal.

Jaycie is very talented but is only competing professional competitions now because of her knee injury/problem. She is talented and is very gifted. She Is A Champion By Heart.