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A Tribute to my Gym!

This is a tribute to my gymnastics club in Bloomington, Indiana. Rising Star Gymnastics Club. My coahces Erin and Michael opened the gym in September of 1998. I'm on the level 5 team now but on level 4 they trained us so well that we have come home with a trophy of 3rd, 2nd, or 1st since our first meet! Our last meet we came in 6th out of 77 teams! It was a huge meet. My coahces has brought our gym so far. They have taught me so much. My coaches had an independent team that I was on and so were other kids and we competed through the YMCA. Well the YMCA didn't like that so they fired them and we were practicing in the park. They didn't give up and they have a very nice and popular gymnastics club now. Over 100 kids! The level 5 team has been doing great and so has the level 6 team with some kids who qualified for level 7. I just wanted to say thank you to some people including my coahces: Cassie for being my friend from the independent team and on and everyone else on the team. BUT THE BIGGEST THANK TO ERIN AND MICHAEL MY COAHCES WHO HAVE TAUGHT ME EVERYTHING. Thank you!